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Who We Are

Titans Security Consulting is the leading company in Israel in the security governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) field.

Established in 2010, TSG provides vendor-neutral consulting services in information security, cyber resilience, and data privacy. We have a "Zero-Tolerance" No Selling Policy, and it's part of our Code of Conduct.

With unrivaled experience, TITANS SECURITY Group (TSG) offers corporate and governmental entities various information security services, cyber resilience, and data privacy. This unique combined knowledge provides our clients with comprehensive, practical security recommendations and solutions. TSG is an industry leader in GRC and cyber resilience services, which gives our clients a distinctive advantage of expert services that range across different industries.

Our focus has always been to provide professionalism, expertise, and transparency exhibited and expected by our customers.

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The Company's Vision

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Titans Security has set itself the goal of providing the most professional, high-quality, and kind service with the common goal of improving its customers' level of information security.


The approach guiding Titans Security is to provide quality and creative solutions tailored to the customer's needs while ensuring the highest quality and standards.


Titans Security strives to maintain long-term relationships with its customers based on reliability, fairness, and a commitment to shared success.


Titans Security is committed to listening to the customer's needs and assisting them in finding creative, innovative, and satisfying solutions.


Looking to the future,  Titans Security sets goals focused on providing the highest quality and most professional services!

חזון החברה

Our Values

We believe that business can be done differently, and our customer's satisfaction proves it repeatedly. We are proud to present to you the values ​​that guide us in every task:

icon Excellence


Our goal is to meet the budget and costs set for the project without compromising the quality. We operate advanced control systems and methodologies to ensure our total commitment and maintain excellence all the way.

icon Customer Focused

Customer Focused

Whether it's our sectoral expertise or one of our solutions areas - Titans Security has experience with customer issues of any size. Our expertise stems from our extensive experience that ensures that we offer the most appropriate solution to the customer, regardless of technology or supplier.

icon Business and sector understanding

Business and sector understanding

Titans Security brings years of experience working with different sectors and in various areas of activity. Our employees come with a business background in appropriate sectors and are familiar with the unique characteristics of each area of ​​activity.

icon Expertise and innovation

Expertise and

We ensure that our experts are always on the pulse and keep updated with the latest solutions and technologies. We work according to the most advanced methodologies and standards based on our vast knowledge and proven experience. Combining them allows us to create the most suitable solutions for our customers.

icon Fairness and reliability

Fairness and

We believe that a true partnership is built only out of complete trust and transparency. We make sure to be transparent in our communication with customers throughout the process.

The CEO's Remarks

Danny Abramovich the CEO

In today's era, where the organization bases its business strategy on the IT system, which is changing at an accelerated pace, it is necessary to acquire the right tools to meet the business requirements, facing all the challenges that face us every day. Organizations that do not have a good relationship between the business and technology sides desperately strive to remain effective and work efficiently.

When we look at the current situation and seek to improve it, we focus on three main areas or issues.

icon Processes


icon People


icon Technology


The organization must develop its capabilities by enabling you to utilize your resources in the best and most efficient way. Organizations that invest solely in resources but not in the development of their capabilities are left without specific abilities and lack them; therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in resources, but at the same time also develop your capabilities in the organization

The source of knowledge of the employees in the organization is identified as a critical factor for its success. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in maintaining and improving the competence of all the employees in the organization.

We bring many years of experience combined with international methodologies and management frameworks that have proven themselves over the years. Our main goal is to become your "home consultant," a consultant you can count on.

The management frameworks we have developed over the years, based mainly on international frameworks and methodologies and partly on our extensive experience, allow us to provide our customers with a complete information security envelope at all levels of the field.

We can help you build an organizational strategy for information security and risk management and ensure that it complies with the organization's business requirements, thus allowing you to leverage its business activities.

We do this with the help of our extensive experience and international standards and methodologies such as ITIL, COBIT, COSO, ISO 27001, etc. If you are one of our loyal customers, we thank you for trusting Titans Security.

If you are looking for a strategic partner who will give you an appropriate response to the information security requirements in the organization, we will be happy to provide you with this service and earn your respect and trust.

You are welcome to join our satisfied customer base! We will do everything to give you the best professional service while meeting your requirements!

דברי המנכל

Meet Our Team Of Experts

Transparency and accessibility up to TSG's senior management have ensured that customer relationships have grown over the years into more mutually friendly and respectful relationships.

Danny Abramovich

Danny Abramovich

CEO & Founder

Or Levi

Or Levi

COO & Senior Information Security Consultant

Sapir Cohen

Sapir Cohen

Head of Consulting

(SMB department)


Yigal Akerman

Information Security Consultant

Daniel 2_5x-100.jpg

Daniel Mikhailov

Information Security Consultant

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